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God's faithfulness is never ending! The Woodhead family has been experiencing this first-hand in recent weeks! Please take some time to read their full update and find out how you can continue to pray for them as they serve in Ogden, UT!

May 16, 2015

Dear praying Friends,

Recently we saw “Facing the Giants” with our youth group. They are very clever and were able to follow along with minimal translation. One phrase stuck with me this time after seeing it; the story about the two farmers...

Praise & Prayer

May 15, 2015

Dear brothers in Christ,

After many years of praying, we were finally asked by the local authorities to participate in the local Fair of Mirandola for 5 days in a row as the Good Samaritan Association. Mirandola is where we helped people with the earthquake that occurred in 2010. We are now proceeding to help refugees (especially Christians) in camps in Greece and Turkey..

Hello Family and Friends, 
This is just a quick update to let you know that we did indeed arrive safely stateside.  Thank you so much for your prayers - they are greatly appreciated!  The kids (and parents) did really well with all the travel, and are also already adjusting quite well to the time difference.  After spending a couple days with some friends/fellow laborers from Kenya (on this side), we are now at my mom's place in Nebraska for just a few days.  From there we will go out east for the month of May to spend some time with our sending church-Grace Calvary Church.

Latest TBM News

January 2015

For this edition of the TBM Update, we would like to introduce you to a Short-Term Missions Program of TBM called STaMP. What is STaMP? Why do we call it STaMP? What is STaMP doing this year? The answers to all these questions and more are in this update! Thank you for taking some time to read this and to pray for this ministry!

December 2014

Terry Cline, TBM's Short-Term Missions Coordinator has the privilege to send a weekly encouragement to our church planting missionaries. For this month's TBM Update, we wanted to share one of those encouragements with all of you! First, we want to encourage you to pray for your missionaries because this is something that they deal with on a daily and weekly basis...pray that they will know when to work and when to rest. Second, we want to encourage you to seek God's will in when you should labor and when you should rest...wherever God has placed you is a mission field and the work can seem BIG, but take your time to rest physically and always rest in the Lord. Our prayer is that none will become weary OF the work.