Help Us Reach Europe

Tentmakers Bible Mission works in Europe to plant independent, non-denominational Bible churches. The ministry of evangelism and discipleship is accomplished through many different avenues. Activities such as camps, concerts, sports, street evangelism, and tract distribution as well as personal contacts are all used to present the gospel and impact the communities where churches are being established. Your financial support of any of these projects goes a long way to further the outreach of the gospel.

Three Convenient Ways to Give to Tentmakers Bible Mission Projects:

You now have the option of making monthly contributions to the many different Tentmakers Bible Mission projects through Electronic Funds Transfer or by authorizing charges on your credit card or by mailing in your personal check.  You can give one-time gifts either through the online method or by mailing in your personal check.  By using these options of giving, you maintain security of your funds and project designations. 

Tentmakers Bible Mission can and will make any of the following changes to recurring gifts once proper notice is received:
  • Changes in your donation amount or project designation
  • Cancellation of your donation
  • Changes in your bank or credit card accounts

Tax-deductible contributions are made with the understanding that TBM has complete control and administration over the use of the donation.  Every effort is made to use donations as designated, however, each designation to a ministry project is used with the understanding that when the project is fully funded, donations may then be redirected where needed most at the discretion of TBM.