Help TBM Reach The World

The following descriptions give a brief overview of the many different opportunities to financially support Tentmakers Bible Mission and its many Missionaries. Please note that your prayer support supersedes all financial giving. Our Creator God owns all things and provides in all ways. We covet your prayers above all, and if He is urging you to give financially as well, we welcome your gifts and deeply appreciate your partnering with us to plant churches, evangelize, and disciple to further the outreach of the gospel. You can find more specific information about the individual missionaries on the “Mission Projects” page of the TBM website Home Page.

General Fund Project

Tentmakers Bible Mission is one of the rare mission agencies that functions without being funded by charging the missionaries any administrative fees. In other words, every penny that is given by a donor to support a project goes to that project and none is held back to support the costs of the mission. All expenses for the office overhead are funded by donations of generous donors and churches like you. If you would be led by the Lord to support the ongoing expenses of the TBM Home Office to facilitate the support of the TBM Missionaries on the field, your donation to the General Fund would be greatly appreciated. As the Apostle Paul stated in Philippians 4:17, “Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account.”

Missionary Care Project

Tentmakers Bible Mission has a Missionary Care Fund established to enable communications and visitations to occur with the TBM Missionaries on a regular basis. Statistics show that numerous missionaries leave the field within their first term on the field. TBM recognizes the physical and emotional strain on the missionaries as well as the spiritual warfare which they are engaged in on the spiritual front line. TBM has a full-time Mission Coordinator couple engaged in ongoing contact with the Missionaries to encourage and support them, to carry reports between the missionaries and the TBM Board of Directors, and to help the missionaries to feel connected to the TBM Family. This ministry is modeled after the Apostle Paul’s man, Tychicus, found in Colossians 4: 7-9 and Ephesians 6: 21-22. Any support for this fund will help with travel and support of all of the TBM Missionaries.

TBM Special Projects

From time to time, there are special projects that arise on the Tentmakers Bible Mission field. Projects such as Bible purchases for ministry campaigns, building projects, or equipment purchases. These special projects will be described in detail and made known through TBM’s current avenues. Individual projects will be made available to support through this website as well as by direct donation to the TBM Home Office.

Tax-deductible contributions are made with the understanding that TBM has complete control and administration over the use of the donation.  Every effort is made to use donations as designated, however, each designation to a ministry project is used with the understanding that when the project is fully funded, donations may then be redirected where needed most at the discretion of TBM.