Prayer Request For Protection As Camp Ministry Approaches

As we are just a 10 days away from starting the first week of camp, we have been reminded of the importance of having prayer support for this ministry and this special time of year when a team of believers gathers and lives out their faith in front of roughly 50 campers per week.  There have been some different attacks this year.  We have had injuries with cooks causing a bit of a scramble for Abel to find new cooks for two weeks of Cowboy camp.    We personally as a family have had some health issues and serious car problems as both cars have been in the shop and it is clear that we are going to have to get a different vehicle.  Our local mechanic and friend is trying to help so that they will make it through camp.  We have also had some attacks within the church that have tried to distract from what the Lord is doing.  Through it all, we are reminded that when there are attacks, it is because God is preparing something amazing!  We need you to join with us and pray over camp and all that will go on there in the upcoming days and beyond.  The seeds that are sown are life changing!

Thank you for standing with us.

With our love from Spain,
Dan and Sharon for the Family

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Dan & Sharon Leatherwood
Tafalla, Spain

We have seen that the possibilities and needs here are endless. The issue is time. Our prayer is that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers here. We continue praying for wisdom as to where to put our time as there are so many needs. We feel strongly that whatever is done must be done well.