Election Update from Kisumu

We want to give you a brief update regarding the presidential elections of Kenya, that we had asked prayer for. First of all, Ellie & I would like to thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for our family, and for the country of Kenya during this time. 

Elections took place August 8th with the reading of the results the following night. The people here in Kisumu (where we live) were very unhappy with the results, which were not in favor of their candidate. There are claims of cheating and "foul play" and frustrated citizens who feel they were not allowed a "free and fair election." Therefore, many people took to the streets (in our area) and other similarly supportive areas. There were protests and riots for a few days, followed by quiet and calm yet uneasy and uncertain days...but they have finally come to some sort of consensus. 

Please continue reading this update by clicking on the pdf version below.  Just click on the link titled Election Update for Kisumu.  Again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  Keep them coming!

Resting in Christ,
Brad & Ellie Harris

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