A Church Family in Need of Prayer

Yesterday, I received a visit from Fernando the father of a family that comes to church in Tafalla.  As a family they were some of the first people to form part of the church plant, and in more recent years have been included in several prayer letters as he had lost his job as he wouldn't partake in some unethical practices in the factory where he worked.  Then his unemployment ran out and they as a family, have been living on a government grant of about 400 Euros a month for a family of 5.  God has always met their needs.

Yesterday, he contacted me to tell me that his wife had just been taken to the hospital after having what seemed to be a stroke.  She is young, in her forties more or less.  In the hospital they have done several tests which have come back without any irregularities, but she has lost the strength in one arm and her leg on one side has also been affected although not as much as her arm.  She has now been moved to a room after spending 24 hours in observation.  They are going to do some more tests on Monday.  Please pray for this situation.  Fernando told me that he has seen God in each and every detail since the beginning of this situation.  A close neighbor is preparing meals for the three sons while Fernando is at the hospital.  The sons are older- 19, 18, and 14 years old, but still it is all a shock.  I chatted with the oldest son a little bit and asked if there was anything that I could include in a prayer request specifically for them and he said,
"Please just pray that our mom would get better and that we would stay strong in the Lord and not cave in."

So please join us in praying for Fernando, Carmen, Fernando, Luis, and Javier.

Thank you for your prayers for this family.

With our love in Christ,
Dan Leatherwood for the family

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Dan & Sharon Leatherwood
Tafalla, Spain

We have seen that the possibilities and needs here are endless. The issue is time. Our prayer is that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers here. We continue praying for wisdom as to where to put our time as there are so many needs. We feel strongly that whatever is done must be done well.