Praise Update and Second Prayer Request

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayers for Fernando and Carmen and their three children.  On Thursday, Carmen was released from the hospital and sent home and will most likely be starting rehab this week.  They have been in good spirits and it was a special blessing as several within the church took up the responsibility of calling and visiting them.  Today one woman in the church asked if it would be ok for her to offer to help with cleaning and cooking.  It has been special to see several respond with love to this situation.  Please continue to pray for Fernando and Carmen as they adjust to this next stage of rehabilitation along with some limitations for now.

Also last week, Betsy, another friend who is from New York and married to a man from Tafalla (who happens to be our dentist), asked for prayer as she will be having a surgery tomorrow to try and deal with an infection that had resulted from a previous surgery.  This is actually the third surgery, as there had been some complications from the first, then an infection from the second, and now they have to do a more involved third intervention to try and resolve the situation.  She said that as she knows there are many people who pray for us and with us, that she wanted to ask for prayer for both herself and her family.  My prayer is that this would be another piece in their path toward the Lord.

Thank you for praying with us.  Your part in the ministry here, shines and shows the fruit of the hope that we have in the Lord.

With our love in Christ,
Dan for the family

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Dan & Sharon Leatherwood
Tafalla, Spain

We have seen that the possibilities and needs here are endless. The issue is time. Our prayer is that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers here. We continue praying for wisdom as to where to put our time as there are so many needs. We feel strongly that whatever is done must be done well.