Praise Report from the Bennetts

Good Morning Friends!

   Today we received some news which has us jumping up and down here in Campo de Gibraltar!
This morning JD was delivered the City Hall's notification with the Approval of our civil association granting us the rights to operate our ministry center, which we have been working on basically all school year. 

This winter, the City Hall asked us to explain our activities as an entity to the city. We were very transparent about wanting to teach the Bible and to be evangelistic in our activities and we went at length sharing openly what we plan to do. In the report given to us of the City Council meeting, the Secretary General of Los Barrios actually summarized our Christian Association goals in this way: 
- Communicate the Good News of the Holy Bible. 
- Help those in need. 
- Promote Cultural Exchange.
- To Encourage and Teach Values. 

Even though the document does not list all the specific evangelistic activities that we described in two pages, at least they got the idea by stating that our first goal is to 'Communicate the Good News of the Bible', and for this we are very grateful!

To see this on the report of a Spanish City Council Session was very inspiring for us, especially the fact that is was unanimously approved by all eight council members.  These leaders of a municipality of 30,000 all know what we are about now, after months of seeking to do everything the right and legal way. 

King Solomon said: "He who earnestly seeks good finds favor." - Proverbs 11:27

THANK YOU to everyone who has remembered us and this ministry in your prayers. 
If you would like to get more involved in the next step that is before us, to rent, equip and man our ministry center/church-plant, just let us know. 

All our love, 
   JD & Sara Bennett

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John David & Sara Bennett
Los Barrios, Cadiz, Spain

The Lord has opened wonderful doors for our family to begin church-planting in the unreached city of Los Barrios, in the Campo de Gibraltar region of Cadiz Province in Southern Spain. We are so excited to begin church-planting in an area that has been on our hearts for many years. JD first served in this area on a mission trip in the summer of 2000 and since then has been convinced of the tremendous opportunities presented for sharing the Gospel in this very strategic end of the earth.