Youth Camp Going Full Speed

Exciting times here in Tarapoto!  Lots of action all week, three days of getting the camp completely ready.  The soccer field and volleyball court look very official.  The young people did a great job!

Yesterday afternoon the big truck arrived to transport all the campers and staff with lots of equipment to make camp so enjoyable.  This morning Delwin made the breakfast run that fed 32 people at the camp.  For once everyone was really excited to see Delwin!

Sounds as if the camp is going great.  The campers are very excited, and the staff is doing their job.  Waiting for some great pictures.

Thanks for your prayers!  Pray for some to accept salvation and some to make deeper commitments.  We expect the truck to get them back here by six on Saturday afternoon.

Have a great day and God bless,

Delwin & Techy Fowler

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Delwin & Techy Fowler
Tarapoto, Peru
Our passion is to teach books of the Bible as we start churches and evangelize. As we are doing this we are making disciples, teaching and training leaders. We started Community Bible Church in Tarapoto, Peru in August of 2007. The church serves not only the community, but is a model church for the training of the area pastors. We also travel occasionally to nearby villages for camps, conferences or mini Bible Institutes.