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Tentmakers Bible Mission serves in numerous States to plant independent, non-denominational churches in communities that lack this type of worship opportunity. The ministry of evangelism and discipleship is accomplished through many different avenues. Activities such as camps, concerts, door-to-door evangelism, holiday activities, sports, street evangelism, tract distribution, and vacation Bible schools as well as personal contacts are all used to present the gospel and impact the communities where churches are being established. One missionary family is presently ministering at a Bible School to train up future pastors, many of whom become TBM Missionaries. Your financial support of any of these projects makes you a part of the ministry each time a seed is planted or cultivated or harvested.

Ben Stewart
Garland, Utah

My mission is to glorify God and be a light for Christ in Utah, striving to encourage fellow believers and teach the truth of the gospel to the unsaved with a focus on the LDS on community.

Dan & Cindy Robinson
Harrisville, Utah

Our mission in Utah is to strengthen an existing church by allowing the Lord to use us to build on the efforts of others in advancing the gospel. We have seen God's leading and guidance in opening up opportunities in areas of evangelism, discipleship and the encouragement of other believers in the surrounding area. In an area where many people are trusting in another gospel, “which is really no gospel at all”, we feel greatly Blessed and humbled to serve alongside the faithful brothers and sisters who have been proclaiming the uncluttered truth of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

Logan & Rachel Holdaway
Harrisville, Utah

Our mission is to see LDS people come to know the true Christ as Savior. We plan to work toward this goal by assisting in a church plant in West Haven, UT. We will be partnering with Chris and Danielle Small and hope to see a vibrant Bible church flourishing in the area before long!

Ben & Sarah Cline
LaGrange, Wyoming

We have the privilege of serving with Tentmakers Bible Mission in one of the many support roles that are necessary to give other TBM Missionaries the ability to continue serving where they serve. We describe more below our specific ministry at the TBM Home Office, but when looking at what God has called us to do, we are always reminded of Aaron and Hur who were given to Moses (in Exodus 17) to support Him in fulfilling what God had called Him to do. We seek to be this kind of support to TBM Missionaries serving on their respective fields.

Chuck & Connie Mathias
LaGrange, Wyoming

LaGrange is our home, but the World is our mission field.

Terry and Helen Cline
LaGrange, Wyoming

Our goals as missionaries with TBM are a little different than most of the TBM missionaries. We will not be planting churches ourselves, but we will be serving the TBM church-planting missionaries through the home office. Terry’s ministries will include set up and execution of short-term mission trips to TBM locations. Helen will continue to be the bookkeeper at TBM, processing and distributing the donations for all of our TBM missionaries.

Bradley & Annie Balfour
Las Vegas, Nevada


Jeff & Kiley Moore
Las Vegas, Nevada

Our mission is to share the message of God's love and forgiveness of sins through faith alone by grace alone in Jesus Christ alone. We also want to help believers grow in their walk through encouragement and discipleship. We want to see all people grow to maturity in Christ.

Matt & Emmerie Moore
Las Vegas, Nevada

Our goal is to see a Bible-centered, Bible-teaching church established in Northeast Las Vegas by building relationships with people for effective discipleship and evangelism and by displaying God’s love to a lost and hurting city for God’s glory and recognition.

Dick & Carolyn Manion
Lowell, Michigan

Dick and Carolyn Manion have been a part of the TBM family from its inception, with Dick serving as one of its founding board members and the Mission’s first Executive Director from 1985-2008.

Franc & Mary Ortega
McAllen, Texas

Whether in McAllen, in Mexico, or in Cuba, we love and long to see many coming to the glorious knowledge of Jesus Christ. So often when I think of the work and the kind of people God has called us to, the words Jesus spoke to the Apostle Paul come to my mind: “…to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in ME.” Acts 26:18

David & Kristy Neufeld
Mesquite, Nevada

"For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures." (I Corinthians 15:3-4) Like Paul, I believe our mission is simple: to deliver the gospel as of first importance. We are just tools out here in God’s hands.

Ron & Wanda Thompson
Morgan, Utah

Ron and Wanda desire to serve the Lord in all ways but their special passion and calling is to see Bible-teaching churches planted wherever God calls.

Tyler & Britny Woodhead
Ogden, Utah

Our mission, our purpose is to serve and glorify Jesus Christ, and to do so by proclaiming His Deity, His eternality, and His matchless love and grace to those who don’t believe in the Jesus of the Bible.

Jonathan & Bethany Koehn
Parachute, Colorado

“. . . To Declare Christ . . .” (Colossians 4:3-6). We desire to declare Christ wherever God takes us through life. Whatever language we are speaking we desire, through God’s strength, to declare Christ. God has given us opportunities in various ways through life to declare Christ. Praise Him! God has brought us through various places in ministry such as Guyana, SA; Peru, SA; Utah; and now Colorado among the Hispanics. We give thanks to God for continuing to use us in various locations even as He has used various missionaries throughout various locations down through time such as Paul, Silas, and Barnabas declaring Christ as they go.

Harald & Helga Schwaiger
St. George, Utah

Our hearts’ desire is to show God’s grace to a lost and dying world. God’s Word tells us that He does not desire works. In fact, God says that we can only come to Him by grace (an un-earned gift) through faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to demonstrate God’s grace through every aspect of our lives to attract those who think that they have to work for their salvation. Though we come from Austria, God has clearly revealed to us that He wants us to tell people this message by planting a church in the U.S.

Jaramie & Debby Fellows
Tremonton, Utah

Our mission is to glorify God. First, by proclaiming that Jesus is God (Col. 1:15) and that the only way to spend eternity in His presence after this life is to receive the gift of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus (I Peter 2:22-24). Secondly, to faithfully teach and preach God’s word so that believers will be equipped for every good work (II Tim. 3:16-17).

Chris & Danielle Small
West Haven, Utah

Our desire is to see a doctrinally solid, Bible-centered, Bible-teaching church planted in West Haven where the Word of God will be boldly and clearly be taught and shared throughout this community and beyond.

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