Mission Project Updates

August 7, 2017

We are bringing you up to date with our newsletter of the past two months. It has been a busy summer and looking ahead, we have some decisions to make. Please read our newsletter and pray with us for His guidance. Thank you!

July 30, 2017

We have traveled many miles and met many people since our last newsletter to you. It is hard to put all that has happened and all of the wonderful experiences we have had into a few short paragraphs. But you will see as you read that our God is a very Good God who blesses us with His mercy and grace in abundance.

July 29, 2017

Thank you for your consistent prayers for us and the ministry here in Spain.  God continually reminds us of how He is so much bigger than we could ever imagine! 

July 27, 2017

We are in winter here, while you all enjoy summer. But it has been a mild winter compared to further south. God is Good to us!

July 2017

Greetings from Kenya, Africa! We hope your summer has been full of fun and the sun!