The Busy Summer Ahead

Greetings from South Texas,

We are sending you our spring newsletter to update you on a few of our past, present, and future activities.  It has been, is and will be busy.  Awesome!  We are actively involved here in life at Maranatha Bible Church.  Our heart’s desire is to return to Peru to serve the Lord in the church planting ministry. We are praying for and working towards this goal.  One step in that process is Daniel's citizenship in the USA.  He is officially in the process for this USA citizenship after turning in the paperwork.  

Please take a few minutes to read our newsletter by clicking on the link below titled The Melendez Adventures - April 2018.pdf.  You will get many more details and see some snapshots of many of the activities that we are involved in.

Thank you for being a vital part of our ministry!

Serving Christ,

Daniel and Mattie Melendez 

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Daniel & Mattie Melendez
Tarapoto, Peru

Our mission is to plant Bible churches, preach the Gospel, and disciple the believers. When we were in Peru we were serving the Lord in the Community Bible church. This church was planted by other missionaries from TBM five years ago. We worked alongside other missionaries to help strengthen, edify and grow this church. We were involved in various ministries, including adults, teens and children. Our focus is on teaching the Word of God. Right now we are helping out in our sending church in Vermont. Daniel is serving as a leader in the worship services and Mattie is serving in the music ministry. In Texas we will be assigned a Spanish speaking church to serve in, where we will be involved in a variety of ministries.